8 week program – September 16th


Rianne – Neuro-psychologist, Coach and Self-made Woman helps women consciously create an exciting life and a profitable business.

I went from 10 years single to now engaged to the love of my life

I took my small coaching practice to a booming online business with endless opportunities

I moved from rainy Netherlands (that used to depress me) to sunny Chile.

From 70 hour work weeks to 25 hour work weeks

From being tired all the time to having plenty of energy and time to have fun

From a good lifestyle to a pretty luxurious lifestyle

Life in Alignment even helped me overcome my calorie counting obsession and easily stay in perfect shape without dieting or overtraining.

All of this by, how I call it – Living in Alignment.

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 A Free 45 minute exclusive coaching call with Rianne (value $247)
when you enroll before September the 14th

Are you hungry for a new way of life?

In which you are the creator of your life,
do you wish to have more control over your life,
follow long lived dreams, create the ‘rules’ of your own life?

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Now is the time...

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Did you know that you can create EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT?

Cause I didn’t.

Well…. I believed I could achieve a lot if I  worked really hard but I never knew my options were absolutely limitless. I discovered that 3 years ago when I was hungry for a new way of life myself. I graduated as a Neuropsychologist, I worked in my coaching practice, was exhausted all the time, felt life was living me and not the other way around. I wanted more meaning, more time, more energy, money magic and I wanted to play bigger!

I started living in Alignment and I transformed;

Living in Alignment is all about making the connection to your Higher Self, letting yourself be guided and supported by the Universe, working with the law of attraction and allowing all your desires to come in to your life.

And OH MY GOD, it really works!

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8 weeks to massive transformation

My unique pillars to create a life you
are madly in love with!

You will recieve:

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What do people say?

"This LIA course is loaded with content that empowers you to make positive changes in your life. The easy & practical tools combined with informational video's have given me all I need to feel good and be in control of my life! I now feel strong inside as I know how to tap into my own wisdom on focus on the things that want. Rianne walks her talk and really knows how to make things simple and clear by taking you through the proces step by step. This course teaches you lessons that are valuable for the rest of your life and is worth every penny."
Violette van den Bosch
Personal Branding Tribe
"Before I started this course, I was overanalyzing myself and doubting every decision I had to make in my life. I thought I just had to live with having an overanalyzing, negative mindset. Then a friend pointed out the 4 -day free life by design mini course. Already in those 4 days I felt a change, I started to understand how my mind worked and what I could do about it. So, it was a logical choice to join the 8 week program Life in Alignment. It made me connect with my intuition again, my self love has grown and I found my purpose in life! I found the courage and strength to go for it and even set up my own business. I could not have imagined these results. Living in alignment is addictive, the feeling of feeling good and powerful is amazing! I love myself now and make decisions without overanalyzing, only by listening to my heart. I still daily take inspiration from the training and am very happy with the contact I still have with Rianne. The combination of her personality, her skills and enthusiasm, make this program unique and so worth it!"

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