The full story behind my work and life

While thinking about the title of this blogpost I realize that my work and my life are one and they have been one for a long time. Because

Life itself is my work, Life is my passion. People lives and how they can be fully lived is my obsession.

I would like to share with you a part of the story of my life and how I came to do what I do.

Okay, I’m in doubt at the moment, should I start with a nice, happy introduction to this story, or should I dig up the dirt right now. I have gotten to know my audience a little bit and I learned that you guys love an honest, authentic story that doesn’t need to be wrapped in pretty pink laces.

So, I’m going to take you back seven years into my life. In a nutshell; I had been traveling for over two years, the first year I had been wandering around the world looking for my place and my purpose. After one year I sort of found it. I found that so many people around the world are lost and victimized by the things in their own mind (including myself!) So, I decided I wanted to know everything about the human mind to help solve this issue and better my own life. I started studying psychology. But I did not have the peace in my body to stick around in the Netherlands, so I also took a job as a tour leader in Asia while studying. I did that for another year and then traveling had made me tired. I wanted some solid ground under my feet and more direction. On the plane, in between tourleader jobs, I met a Dutch man. We fell madly in love and I saw this as a sign to finally go back to the Netherlands, and start building a ’proper’ life. Truth given, he already had a ‘proper’ life and it made me feel good that I could more or less get ‘a ride’ with him.

BUT. The BIG BAD BUT. The universe did not give me this advantage. After I had made the decision to give up my travel life and build my ‘proper’ life from scratch in the Netherlands, because of this man, he ditched me. He ditched me, two weeks after I came home. Let’s not go into detail about the why’s. I was devastated. I felt completely victimized by life, I was heartbroken, without money, without a house, without work and with few friends left.

I felt like I was thrown into a deep ravine, without a single branch to hang on to. Rock bottom, without a single tool to climb back up and to clean up the mess that I felt I had created. Let alone without the feeling that any of this or me would have a purpose.

I decided; This was never going to happened to me again, not that I wasn’t gonna get heartbroken again, but I wasn’t going to feel this lost and this destroyed. I was going to build myself and my life, purposefully, from the inside out. I wanted to find all the tools possible to get in control of my life and to create not only a living but a life that I loved. Years of scientific studying of the mind, body and the brain, life lessons. Self-help books and spiritual teachers have brought me where I am now. I am living from a place of love, aligned with who I really am and what came here to do. Feeling rock solid inside and ready to shine my light and show up for my purpose.

I have discovered so, so many amazing lessons, practices and tools that brought me where I am right now.  Through the years I have empowered many people to improve their lives in many ways, by sharing my knowledge as a coach. One of the lessons that I have learned is that everybody has purpose and that it is my task to help you find it and live it! Today, I am sharing with you my best work until now.  I have decided to open up completely and to fully shine my light in order to reach as many people as possible to help them see their own light and strength, teach them how to create a purposeful living and more importantly, a life.  I am dedicated to reveal my best discoveries and secrets with you in my courses. If you feel that this is what you need, I am happy to welcome you today!



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