A (morning) routine to get back into alignment

Before you start the day it is important to get yourself into alignment ( alignment first), so that you feel good, take inspired action and create beautiful results.

But we don’t always wake-up like that, do we?

I created this morning routine in a time in my life when I woke up emotional, confused and overwhelmed most days.
This works for me 100% of the time. The combination of elements helps your body, mind and soul align with each other again.

It helps you shift from the outside back to the inside.

Happiness after all is an INSIDE JOB.

It lasts 15 – 60 minutes depending on how much you feel like you need it. If you feel very out of balance I recommend one hour, the difference will be amazing. Ofcourse, you can do it at any time of the day, when you feel like a powerful invention is needed to get you back on track.

This morning routine consist of 4 components which can be included by desire.

Wear comfortable clothing and turn off electronic devices that can distract you. Get your yoga mat or any other mat or blanket and roll it out where it feels good to you.

1. Positivity

We think a lot and we think a lot of negativity, that is what creates negative emotions and take us out of alignment. To get back on track, fill yourself up with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts resonate with your inner being and will therefore bring you back into alignment. Coming up with positive thoughts is hard in an unaligned state so I reccomend that you turn on this beautiful audio of Louisa Hay. She speaks loving, wise and kind words that connect you to yourself.

Listening to thoughts from Louisa Hay and make them your own

2. Yoga*

Getting into your body and out of your mind. For the people who have experience with yoga; Get on the mat and just move your body in a way that feels good. Maybe you recall asanas from yoga classes that you had, and you can do this. There is no good and bad, in yoga it is about making movements that you feel you need. Do you know the feeling that you are in a yoga class and you are like: ‘O my! this feels so good, my body really needs this’? That’s what you are looking for! Do it in the order that you feel like and experiment with it. if you just want to lay down in childs pose, thats cool too 😉

*No yoga experience; No problem. Yoga is about giving your body the movements that it needs and you are the one who knows best what that is. You know what it needs by doing what feels good. You definitely know some stretches, do those, see if you can find variations that feel good to you. Roll your shoulders, move your head, bend forward. There is nothing right or wrong, just move, feel what your body needs and do that.

3. Appreciate

Do yoga for while listening to the audio for as long as you desire. Then sit down for five more minutes and think of three things that you are grateful for. Feel the gratefulness in your heart.

4. Intention

Close your morning routine by setting your intention for the day.
Think about what you want your day to look like and how you want to feel at the end of the day.
By setting your intention you prevent that the day is going to overwhelm and live you. Instead you live the day. For example: It is my intention to enjoy my work today and feel confident during the presentation. At the end of the day I want to feel satisfied and still be energized to enjoy my evening.


Try and enjoy this routine and remember;

Be kind to yourself when you don’t feel good. Feel the feels and you will see yourself climbing up again.




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