4 powerful journaling exercises to boost your inner strength

Journaling is a fantastic to tool to become more aware, to get to know yourself, to boost personal development or even heal yourself. The benefits of journaling are endless and I would recommend it to anyone.

How? People ask me, what do I write? Well, here I share with you 4 of my favorite journaling exercises.

The more the better

I think you know it by now, gratefulness is a golden key to abundance and all you desire. What you appreciate, appreciates. In other words, what you give your gratefulness to, will expand. Think about the experiment Ikea did with plants. ( you can find it on my social media) One plant was bullied and the other plant was loved. The plant who was bullied, was in a very bad, dying condition and the loved plant was flourishing. When you give love, it will reflect back to you.

Today write 100 things you are grateful for, nothing more, nothing less. Start and try not to stop, come into the flow of gratefulness and keep writing. Observe how the energy inside yourself shifts into a loving and open energy.

Connect to your intuition.

You are not your thoughts, not your emotions, you are a spirit. To connect with this spirit inside yourself can release stress and give you clarity.

How do you connect to you that source of love and ultimate wisdom? This is the recipe;

Get quiet. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes, observe how you feel, accept how you feel without judgement. Observe your thoughts and worries, accept them without judgement. Take another deep breath. Let all the feelings and thoughts wash away on the outbreaths until you feel that the sky clears. Than write open your eyes. Take your journal and your pen and write whatever comes up.

Feel ready for the next step? Ask your intuition a question, if you truly listen you will get an answer.

What you really need right now

Fill in the gap. Right now, I really need…… 10 x. It is such a beautiful exercise because it makes you think about what you need right now.

I did this exercise yesterday and had a magical experience. Answers I put included; To relax, to connect with people, to feel loved, to breathe deeply, to be encouraged. After I wrote 10 things, I put my pen down and decided it was time to stop working. At the end of the day, as I was in bed I realized that all the things I wrote down were fulfilled! I got every single thing of the list. How magical is that?

Your Life Script

‘’You have to tell the story how you want it to go’’ Abraham Hicks

In this exercise, you are the writer of your own life story. It is like giving specific instructions to the Universe to how you want your life to go. Make it fun, descibe in details as if had already happened.


Imagine that it is two or three months from now. Pick a specific date in the future that feels good to you. Start with writing that date on top of the page. Write one paragraph about how you feel in general and then start to tell about the things that are happening in your life and how they make you feel. It can be as long or short as you like. Important is that you can feel the words that you have written down.


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