My greatest gift to you is to show you that your power has no limits!


About Me

One year ago, I moved to Santiago de Chile to be with my favorite person in the world. Most days I wake up in awe about how amazing my life is right now. A dream life, I call it.  I built it, and I am super proud of that.

It wasn’t always like this, there were times when running a business was hard, getting through the day was a struggle, and everything felt so heavy.

My life started to rapidly change when I choose to live in Alignment, with myself, the universe and my deep desires. Let me tell you the story of my life in a nutshell.


I was born and raised, together with my two sisters, in the Netherlands countryside by my parents. It was a good life, nothing out of the ordinary. At 18 I choose to go study Fashion Management, I kid you not. I was 22 when I graduated I knew one thing for sure; not one more day in fashion! I bought an around-the-world tickets and left for a year. When I came back I knew, I want to help people improve their lives, this is still is the core of my purpose. So I started to study psychology.

I had no desire what so ever, to live the student life, but a strong desire to live my purpose. Next to my full-time studying I built a business. I started working as a freelance spinning, yoga, aerobics instructor. Within one year, I was a personal trainer with my own clients and soon after that I transformed myself health coach. For 5 years I did all this next to my study.


After years and years of overworking and studying I finally graduated and very soon after that, I realized; I am missing the point here. I achieved a lot but didn’t feel happy. Following my head and working my ass off did not lead to the desired results! I wanted to have time, a love relationship, start a family. I wanted to be free-er, have more sun, have more money. I wanted to jump out of bed with excitement every day and not be tired all the time.

Very soon after that I started to align everything with these desires, shifted my thoughts, controlled my feelings, raised my energy. I started applying the law of attraction and other universal laws. I started to live in alignment with my true self, and the Universe.

My life transformed rapidly, I now live a wholehearted life in alignment- happy and free. I am the intentional creator of my life and my business. I live life to the fullest, I feel in all my cells that the sky is the limit and I am so excited about it. I also know that I am not special. You can do it too. When you start to live in alignment your life will rapidly change, you will not only feel better, you will see how dreams become reality right before your eyes.

I serve the ambitious people that are want to create their life and business by design instead of by default. 

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Quick Version

I graduated as a Neuropsychologist and still love the secrets of the brain.

When I was 22 I made a trip  around the world to find myself and my purpose.

I worked as a health coach for over 5 years.

I can’t live without chocolate and black coffee.

I traveled over 35 countries.

I laugh (embarrassingly) loud and learned to embrace it 🙂

I write cute little poems for fun.

My core values are: freedom , love, passion, gratefulness and ALIGNMENT 😉

I speak Spanish and I am now trying to get Chilean under control. 

I Believe

It is time that we stop keeping ourselves small and playing ‘by the rules’

Everybody should have a coach (yep, me too!)

A 40 hour work week it too long.

Your vibes speak louder then your words.

Science and spirituality go hand in hand.                            

Gratitude can change your life, it changed mine 🙂

Your problems don’t solve on the level they were created.

Traveling is the best life school.