Find out how to make it YOUR reality with the 

5 Figure Month Check List

"After releasing subconscious limitations, I sold 9 courses and 15 books in a day, it is finally flowing again, what a relief(1 day after the VIP)

~ Marrit van Exel, Coach & Writer for women who lost their partner

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You know you have the purpose and the power to make a change in the world (and make big money while doing it), but it’s not quite coming out.


The money in your bank account and the impact you are currently making are not yet where you want it to be.


You are full of ideas (maybe too many) and you can envision your flourishing business, the money, and the impact in detail but…


Where to start and what steps to take is not clear to you. You wonder what ‘key’ you could be missing. 


Besides, insecurity and self-doubt seem to run the show more than once in a while and you keep getting in your own way.


Most of all you are completely DONE with hanging out at more or less the same level and you are ready to take massive action, and BREAKTHROUGH all that’s holding you back and become the badass business woman you envisioned.


I have been there and I got you, sisterl!


I help you build a rock-solid foundation that’s completely aligned with who you are and the money you want to see in your bank account.  


Besides, I lovingly though effectively guide you through blocks and self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can shine in your full potential (and earn accordingly).



A Rock-Solid Foundation... 


Straight to Your Goal (= More Money in Your Bank Account)


Say Ciao to Insecurity and Self-Doubt... 




Your Foot on the Gas... (Instead of on the Brakes)

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 ‘I now book sales calls on a weekly basis’​

"Before working with Rianne as my business mentor, I was feeling afraid to bring more focus into my business and narrow down my target group, which sabotaged my business results. Rianne guided me to overcome these fears and apply strategy and alignment. The VIP day was really valuable to me; due to the strategy we created, I now easily book sales calls on a weekly basis.  

The coaching was transformative and helped me embody the leader that I am. If it wasn’t for this guidance and support, I would still feel lost in the online coaching and healing space, without any focus and clear direction. Rianne is kind, warm, yet straight forward. I love the holistic approach and I will be forever grateful for the personally made 'receive meditation' by Rianne, which is yet another game changer.

~ Nishanthi Dayawatie, Healing Mentor

‘7 sign-ups for my paid program before launching it, a new 1:1 client and a cool and profitable collaboration, all in one week’

~ Steffi van Breugel, Coach for artist & Meditation Mentor

'I could finally make significant moves towards my goals'

"In the past, I have made several investments, without really moving forward. During the coaching with Rianne, I became really aware of my perfectionistic thought pattern which has held me back tremendously, from making decisions and moving forward.  Through her coaching and techniques, I was able to finally make significant moves towards my personal and business goals. (I am now able to help other do the same!) Rianne is a very competent coach. She is kind, compassionate and really knows what she’s talking about. She can effectively support you and guide you towards your goals.

I’d highly recommend her."

~ Kimberley Munster, English Coach

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Get the clarity and confidence you need to hit that next level income.

Are you craving for a solid plan, that gives you the steps and the confidence to hit your next income goal? 

Crystal clear messaging, an offer that aligns with your goals, and a simple strategy that you love.

We got this all covered during a VIP day.

 As a bonus I fast-track you through limits and self sabotage to ensure your progress.

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Are you done hanging out at more or less the same level and do you want to start to finally see that number in your bank account grow.


Business Mentorship includes everything you need to create lasting results without taking detours. Building a strategic foundation, 

Improve entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, huge mindset shifts, complemented with energy work that will make the money and opportunities flow to you.

'My vision came to life and I created results beyond my imagination'

"I started business coaching because I had a big vision for my business in 2020, but I lacked clarity and felt blocked in different ways. After creating a clear plan with practical steps, I moved forward very fast. This in combination with releasing internal blocks gave me the boost to roll out the rest of my vision and create results beyond my imagination. I feel 2020 changed completely for me, my perspective, standing up for what I want and who I want to be and realizing that I deserve that!

~ Elzelien, CEO at Kenza Design

'Rianne helped me get my first clients'

'Rianne helped me get my first clients'

"Rianne really saw ME. She covers everything from inner work to strategy and helped me get my first clients. I now have the foundation and confidence to make a big impact on the world.”

~ Karla Teklenburg, Conscious Mother Coach

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and I guide purposeful entrepreneurs to breakthrough to their next level (=way more impact and money) with an aligned strategy & magnetic energy, so they can make a change in the world while living their best lives.


For years I was working & studying around the clock, chasing ‘dreams’ and ticking boxes. I remember being in a hurry and feeling exhausted all the time. When I received my Master’s degree, it hit me; I wasn’t living the life I wanted for myself. I was longing for TIME to actually enjoy my life, work no more than 24 hours a week, be financially free, have a great relationship and not feel like I am working another day.  That's when I decided to create life & business on my terms, the way I wanted!

Find our how to make it YOUR reality with the 

5 Figure Month Check List

 ‘Clients come in effortlessly’​

"I started working with Rianne because I desired not only a great revenue but a sense peace and simplicity in running my business. A simple strategy, mindset work and manifestation have created amazing results for me.I now run my business intuitively and with enormous clarity and a deep sense of faith and the best part? Clients come in effortlessly!" 

~ Linda Zwanenburg-  LindasResources HR

‘My course and books have been selling beyond my wildest dreams.’


I loved the VIP day! "Rianne paired brilliant business strategy with diving deep into my subconscious and undoing the wiring that's kept me struggling with selling my products. Since doing this VIP day I feel more clarity and confidence and most of all I've been able to stay in the flow and my courses and books have been selling beyond my wildest dreams. If you are looking to get unstuck and up level your business, I suggest you book a call with her.

~ Marrit van Exel, Coach & Writer for women who lost their partner

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