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Do you feel that life has more in store for you? Do you believe you can be, do and have everything you want? Do you want to take your life to the next level and experience magic every single day? Do you desire to run profitable business from your heart and make an impact? Than, it is time to chase those dreams of yours!

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Hi, I'm Rianne

and I help men and women create a life and business BY DESIGN.

I unapologetically combine hard science like mindset with spiritual tools like universal laws to help you make your life more magical and your business more profitable.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I remember always having difficulties when people told me what life should be like; ‘’you need to work hard, life isn’t always easy, you cannot have it all’’. I decided I wouldn’t buy it. And you shouldn’t either.

You have ultimate power to create what you want, and I think you know. 

Life gets better, after you got better.

With my unique Alignment method I teach you how to create a life you truly want. Personally, I went from a 60-hour work week, not doing what I truly wanted, suffering from winter depression, being afraid of love, counting calories, never having time and always being in a hurry to;

  • Running a profitable soul business with ease & fun.
  • Still having plenty of time for myself, my partner and other goodies in life.
  • Living in a beautiful sunny country.
  • Sharing life with my dream partner.
  • Feeling & being financially free.
  • Staying in shape by eating intuitive.
  • Feeling good as my number 1 priority.
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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Before the Life in Alignment course I felt like I didn’t feel ‘aligned' and wasn’t really doing what I’m passionate about. I decided to join because I thought it would be the perfect support that I was looking for and I had a good experience with another course about of Rianne 2 years ago. I don’t think that it was one thing in particular that has helped me, it is the whole course. Also, the support of the other participants. Being focused on what serves you, and noticing what doesn't serves you, the attention, the exercises every week for every day, and the webinars with the whole group were all helpful. The results made me feel very good. I really made the changes I wanted to make. Hopefully, I can continue this new way of life. I would recommend this program to everyone, and especially people who have a hard time knowing and doing what they really want and what makes them feel good. In the Life in Alignment course you get a very nice and special treatment, both by the instructor as the rest of the participants. Just the perfect environment to be vulnerable and to (dare) take a critical look on your life, and the tricks and info to help you to improve your life. Everyone has their own personal needs, with this course you get the confidence and support you need to figure out what it is you want and need.

    Marina Palacios
  • When I first contact Rianne, I was in a pretty challenging time in my life. Being a new mom and running a business at the same time was something new for me. So I needed to find a way to create harmony between these two important areas in my life and have joy on the way! From the very first session, Rianne was using powerful tools that resonated with my needs, and she was inspiring me at the same time to become more trustful and open for the guidance of the Universe! As an ambitious Woman, I was struggling with a syndrome of "not being enough" … Rianne helped me to remove this block and create entirely new beliefs instead. With her guidance, deep personal understanding and space filled with trust I learned to accept, forgive and not judge myself, but love, allow and have fun instead! My biggest WIN is my MINDSET! Clarity and focus on the right things enable me to make a regular progress with joy! And what I love the most => all of these from the space of alignment <3 If you are searching for authenticity, effectiveness, and someone who helps you uplevel your results, RIANNE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU! Rianne, you are my ANGEL!

    Agnieska Tasiulis
  • Via Facebook kwam ik in contact met haar en hebben we een drankje gedronken om te zien of het klikte. Luisterend naar mijn intuïtie (waar ik blijkbaar toch mee in contact stond) wist ik meteen: dit klopt! Rianne is professioneel, positief, speelt in op wat er op dat moment speelt en laat je contact maken met je eigen kracht. Ik voel nu dat ik beter in contact sta met wat ik voel/wil. Dit helpt mij met het maken van de juiste keuzes. Rianne heeft mij hier o.a met opdrachten kennis mee laten maken. (Bijvoorbeeld het maken van een moodboard) De inzichten die ik keer op keer weer heb gekregen hebben mij enorm geholpen om te zien waar mijn kwetsbaarheid en kracht zit.Ik zou iedereen dit gunnen!

    Mirjam Hofman
  • Before I started this course, I was overanalyzing myself and doubting every decision I had to make in my life. I thought I just had to live with having an overanalyzing, negative mindset. Then a friend pointed out the 4 -day free life by design course. Like Rianne, I also live abroad and was curious what the course was about. I had nothing to lose! Already in those 4 days I felt a change, I started to understand how my mind worked and what I could do about it. So, it was a logical choice to join the 8 week program Life in Alignment. It made me connect with my intuition again, my self love has grown and I found my purpose in life! I found the courage and strength to go for it and even set up my own business. I could not have imagined these results. Living in alignment is addictive, the feeling of feeling good and powerful is amazing! I love myself now and make decisions without overanalyzing, only by listening to my heart. I still daily take inspiration from the training and am very happy with the contact I still have with Rianne. The combination of her personality, her skills and enthusiasm, make this program unique and so worth it!

    Karla Teklenburg